From Basements to Attics, We Can Transform any space into something special and add immediate added value to your home.

RSU has the experience to convert any space into additional bedrooms, office areas, guest and in-law suites, kitchens, baths and entertaining areas.  In basements we can create walk-out space into outdoor entertaining.  We can create high end ceiling finishes not just throw-in cheap ceiling tiles.  In attics we can add required structure over existing floors, add in dormers or completely expand the roof line adding head space and full height windows for natural light.


Consider this:

According to the Better Business Bureau, home improvement companies are America’s most complained about industry. That’s worse than the “usual suspects” of doctors, plumbers, and even lawyers. The amount of poor-quality construction companies would blow your mind. That is why one of THE most important things you can do when looking for a contractor to build your addition is to look for the VALUE of what you’re going to get—not just the lowest price.

Here’s how we provide renovations and additions that perfectly match your home, while delivering the hands-down best value for your investment:

You Dream It, We Build It.

No matter what kind of addition or renovation you’re thinking of, we can build it. We’ve been in business since 1982, and have perfected every type of addition and house-renovation for Nashville, Brentwood, and the surrounding areas: Master Suites, kitchens and bathrooms, second stories, basements, attic conversions, garages, porches… absolutely anything and everything.

Matching Materials.

Your new addition or renovation can look like it’s been there since your house was built. We’ll help you select the right materials to match your home, which is different than most contractors that leave you to guess what materials you need.

Unrivaled Project Management.

We eliminate the usual waste, inefficiencies and project delays that are associated with house renovations near Nashville, Murfreesboro and the surrounding areas. All projects are thoroughly outlined in the RSU system before construction begins. We also can go to great lengths to ensure your home remains livable while we work and that your belongings are completely secure and protected.

Elite Craftsmanship.

We’re obsessed with getting every detail of your project perfect. That’s why all of our RSU Employees go through a rigorous training process which they MUST pass with flying colors in order to work on your home. We hold multiple walkthroughs with you throughout the project to ensure it’s going as planned, and perform final inspection.


Your project will have a dedicated Project Supervisor assigned to ensure your Nashville-area home renovation is going smoothly. If you have ANY questions at ANY time, your Project Supervisor will be more than happy to answer them.