A message from Mark Williams, Owner of RSU Contractors:

You know, RSU Contractors has come a long way since I founded the company in 1982.

RSU Contractors began as “Services Unlimited,” which was basically a summer job I created to make some extra money while attending Middle Tennessee State University. I washed windows and performed various odd jobs—pretty much any gig you can think of, I did it.

One of my college courses required me to develop a more detailed business plan for my company. It’s during this time that I was able to see what I could truly achieve. And that’s when I really honed in on expanding my business—and when this simple summer side job started becoming bigger… and bigger… and bigger.

In 1984, Pat Bouton, the current Director of the Nashville/Murfreesboro branch, joined the company as a house painter. Together we continued the success of the company, and in 1990, we gained our Tennessee State Contractors License. We then changed our name to Remodeling Services Unlimited (and later RSU Contractors).

Soon enough, what started as a window washing “company” I started in college blossomed into one of the 100 biggest remodeling companies in the United States.

How We’ve Come So Far.

I’d like to think we’ve been able to grow so much because of our insistence on quality, renowned customer service, and the way we go to great lengths to remove stress from a house renovation in Nashville, Franklin, and the surrounding areas. We’ve been able to accomplish that because nobody here thinks of themselves as “just employees” or even that working with RSU Contractors is “just a job.” Every single person at RSU understands he or she is part of a team.

And as a team, RSU believes in one thing: Providing a superior remodeling experience.

Quality, Quality, Quality… Did I Mention Quality?

I understand if you roll your eyes whenever a contractor claims to do “quality work”—the phrase is used so much in the remodeling/construction industry that it’s become a cliché that’s lost all meaning.

Still, that doesn’t mean “quality work” doesn’t exist—you just have to find a home improvement company near Nashville who understands “quality” is more than a word—it’s a way of business.

While some companies use the word “quality” as a vague term to hide behind because they don’t have anything special to offer, our definition of “quality” is laser-focused and actually means something. It means being obsessed over the details. It means ensuring every aspect of your project (even the small things you can’t see) is done once, done right. It means checking our work multiple times during your project. And it means providing unparalleled customer service, so it feels less like a company working on your project and more your family and friends.

Every department and every position at RSU comes with a comprehensive training manual, every employee is taught to adhere to manufacturer specifications, and every RSU team member is vested in giving you a TRUE superior quality project.

We Create A Stress-FREE Project.

From our “Zero-Sales-Pressure” consultations to protecting your belongings during construction to ensuring your daily routine remains undisturbed throughout the project, we go to great lengths to create a “Zero-stress” project environment. Anything and everything we can do to accommodate you and make you feel comfortable, we’ll do.

If we’re remodeling your kitchen, we can set up your refrigerator, microwave, and other appliances in another room for you. If you’re a business, we’ll ensure your daily operations remain undisturbed while we work. From top to bottom, our goal is to be as nonintrusive as possible to keep your project stress- FREE, hassle-FREE, and headache-FREE.

We Focus On Building Relationships—Not Getting Jobs.

I can honestly say that no other remodeling company in all of the U.S.—has the same “Customer First, Customer ALWAYS” approach we do.

While most contractors never want to see you again after a project, we like to think your relationship with us is only beginning. If you have ANY questions or experience ANY issues with your project, DO NOT hesitate to call us. We’d jump through rings of fire if it meant making you happy. It’s how we’ve built not a list of clients… but a tremendous group of life-long friends.

Respect. Quality. Service. It’s What We Believe.

The culture of RSU Contractors is based on taking care of its customers, employees, and vendors with care, a focus on excellence, and respect. Simply put, we treat people with respect, take pride in our work, and take a professional approach to deliver a quality job.

If that sounds like the type of home renovation company near Nashville, Franklin, or Murfreesboro that you’re looking for, we would be happy talk to you. Contact us today, and we’ll provide you with a no-pressure, no-obligation, no-cost consultation to help start you on the path toward your project.

Thanks for reading.

Mark Williams

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